Winner Gold Award Feeel Design World Prize / Organic Furniture Collection

This series of personal designs has been awarded the Silver A' Design Award Winner and the Gold prize in the Feel Design International awards for Furniture Design Category. The jury was made up of prestigious designers worldwide such as Karim Rashid.

This personal series of furniture and objects is inspired by the organic forms of nature.The interaction with the user arises through the visual appeal that these organic and sculptural forms generate in the viewer. 

The challenge in this collection was to find a balance between form and function, that is, art and design.
These friendly shapes and warm colors make users perceive the comfort of the furniture before using it, and have the desire to corroborate that feeling by using it.

This series of furniture arises from the exploration of forms that generate sensuality and seduce the user. First I have sketched the shapes in a scratch pad and then I have taken it to the 3d software. My inspiration is the organic sculptures and sculptures of female bodies by sculptors like Fernando Botero.

This personal collection of organic furniture arises from the exploration of sensual and dynamic forms and the attempt to bring those sculptural forms to functional furniture. These pieces of furniture have their own personality to give a distinctive touch in each living room or place where they are used, since they seem unique characters with whom users can feel identified.

Winnners List 2021